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  Foster Teen Employment Network (FTEN) is an organization which was established to connect employers to teens who will shortly age out of the foster care system and are in need of permanent mentors. This connection is meant to provide foster teens with not only the work-related skills that they will need to succeed in the future, but also with mentors who are able to serve as lasting role models. Foster teens will be placed in jobs or internships in their communities which will provide them with valuable work experience. 

The goal of FTEN is to prepare foster teens for life outside of the foster care system. Many foster children who “age out” of the system leave the care of the government without a job, a stable living situation, or any permanent adult figures to guide them.  This can lead to legal troubles and even homelessness. We believe that all children emerging from foster care are capable of living happy and productive lives and we aim to help facilitate that.

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